Introduction of Social Science Research of University of Jinan

The university currently has 13 main schools of Arts, including School of Literature, School of Law, School of Management, College of Foreign Languages, Political Science and Public Administration , School of Marxism, School of Economics, Hotel Management, Physical Education, Aesthetics, Music, History and Cultural Industries, and Education and Psychological Sciences. These schools cover courses including literature , law, management science, economics , pedagogy and history and so on.

University of Jinan possesses multiple research institutes and academic societies, such as Shandong Urban Development Research Base , Shandong Folk and Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center , Shandong Cultural Food Industry Development Research Base, Shandong Cultural Industry and Talents Training Base , Globalization and Transnational Operation Research Base , Higher Education Research Center , Shandong Regional Soft power and Soft Science Development Research Base, Shandong Institute of Modern Literature , Shandong Institute of World Economy. The university also has 14 university-level research institutes (centers), such as Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory Research Institute ,Corporate Finance Research center , Investment and Leverage Research Center, Institute of Wording and Literature Communication , Institute of Sociological Jurisprudence, Institute of Modern Management , Regional Economic Research Institute. A complete range of high-level curricula and a great number of energetic research groups have constituted a complete scientific research system of social sciences of University of Jinan. This has laid a solid foundation for developing interdisciplinary cooperation on the major problems involving national and local economic construction and social development.

Over the years, University of Jinan has always been adhering to the general principle of "serving for discipline construction ,teaching as well as local economic and social development," Guided by the educational philosophy of "teaching as the priority ,scientific research as the forerunner ,educational quality as the based foundation of the university, it thoroughly carried out the spirit of "CPC Central Committee’s proposals on the further development of prosperous philosophy and social science”, implemented the plan of “Philosophy and Social Sciences popular on campus", and actively built strong platforms for innovation of social research. All of these have maintained a good momentum of development of social science research and steadily improved its strength.

University of Jinan has an excellent and energetic faculty team with foresights and broad visions in academics.. In recent years, the school has vigorously created a free academic atmosphere and excellent environment for innovation, implemented talent projects by introducing and training a group of highly educated and high-level inter-disciplinary teaching and research talents to promote curricula construction and research tasks development. Multiple professors of the university are prestigiously selected as “Taishan Scholars”, in the “New Century Talents Project Supported by Ministry of Education”, “Young Experts with Remarkable Contributions in Shandong Province ", “Top ten Excellent Teachers of Shandong schools of higher learning”. A faculty team of sufficiency, reasonable structure, and vibrancy demonstrates the vitality of social science research at Jinan University.

Over the past five years, University of Jinan has made a large number of symbolized achievements on scientific research, published 3765 social science papers and 218 academic monograph of social science, and submitted 372 research and consulting reports to all levels of government, enterprises and institutions. It has undertaken more than 600 research projects of all levels and all kinds, including 42 National Social Science Fund Projects, 3 National Soft Science Program,45 Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund under the Ministry of Education,168 Social Science Research Planning Project of Shandong Province and 93 soft science project of Shandong Province. Among which 62 has achieved Outstanding Achievement Award of Social Sciences under the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province with 5 First Prizes. It has also obtained 75 outstanding scientific achievement awards of Shandong Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, of which 12 are first prizes and 128 outstanding scientific achievements, of which 15 are first prizes.

Scientific research of Jinan University focuses on mutual integration and promotion of the humanities and natural sciences. it lays stress on the subject characters and strengthens the competitive advantages by constantly adjusting and optimizing the structure of humanities and social science disciplines. Through actively exploring the major theoretical and practical problems occurred in national and local economic development and social progress, a batch of outstanding results which has a certain influence at home and abroad has achieved. Through structural reorganization, team adjustments, and mechanism perfection, etc, University of Jinan has established a group of provincial and university research platforms and teams with relatively stable foundations, fluid personnel, crossing disciplines, and emphasis on both application and consultation. The overall strength of running a college has been growing significantly along with the development of scientific research, thus has made outstanding contributions to the national and local economic construction and social development.