Journal of University of Jinan (Science and Technology)

Journal of University of Jinan (Science and Technology) is the comprehensive quarterly journal about natural science sponsored by University of JiNan and in the charge of Education Department of ShanDong Province.

The journal involves in the academic theses of new theories, views, techniques, technologies and materials in the fields of material science, information and control, chemistry and chemical engineering, biological and medicine, civil construction and basic subjects.

The journal is the important retrieval periodical for the periodicals at home and abroad, such as, China's Inorganic Analytical Chemistry Abstract, China's Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Abstract, China's Chemical Abstract Database, Journal of Abstract (AJ) of Russia and Chemical Abstracts (CA) of America. It is also the resource periodical in the comprehensive evaluation database source journals of China's academic journals, and is included in the journals of science and technology in the data system (China Info) and the member of the first group to be ranked in the Chinese academic journals (cd-rom version).

Journal of JiNan University (natural science edition) (ISSN 1671-3559,CN37-1378/N) was known as Journal of Building Materials Institute ShanDong (ISSN 1002-3046,CN 37-1182/TU). In 2001, on the approval of press and publication administration (new press [2001] No. 623), it changed its old name.

  • National Chinese core journal in 2008 and 2011;
  • China's core journal (RCCSE) between 2009 to 2012;
  • Chinese core journal of science and technology (CSTPCD) between 2007 to 2012;
  • Prize of excellent science and technology journal of China's universities in 2006,2010 and 2012;
  • The outstanding edit and quality prize in journal of science and technology of China's universities in 2004 and 2009;
  • The excellent journal in ShanDong province in 2011;
  • The excellent journal in eastern China in 2012.

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Introduction of Journal of University of Jinan(social science edition)

Journal of University of Jinan(social science edition) is the bimonthly comprehensive academic periodical about society and science sponsored by University of Jinan. It is issued to the public at home and abroad with the universal CN37-1377/C and ISSN 1671-3842. The main column includes the research on the harmonious society, publication culture, soft power, literature and linguistics, history, political science and law, economy, education and psychology. The journal observes the principle of "advocating the serious learning style, developing humanism, supporting new scholars and issuing the theories of high quality". It attaches importance to developing its advantage, gives prominence to the key points, puts the subjects on the equal importance, bases the academic theory of philosophy and social science, focuses on the cutting-edge problems of the academy, the hot and difficult problems, and advocates academic innovation.

Journal of University of Jinan(social science edition) emphasizes the quality awareness, makes its highlights prominent, and puts the importance on the columns with features, such as "Research on the harmonious society", "Research on the culture of publication", " Research on the soft power" and the "Serial of writing conversation".

Journal of University of Jinan (social science edition) is the member in the first group included in China's academic journals (cd-rom version). It is the resource of comprehensive evaluation database of China academic journal, and is included in China's core journals (selection) database by "China Info-digital periodicals". In 2007, it gained the first prize in the second awards events carrying out in the national local universities' journals.

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Brief Introduction on China Powder Science and Technology

China Powder Science and Technology,published by Chinese Society of PARTICUOLOGY,Chinese Society of Powder Industry and Jinan University ,is the unique specialized periodical (bimonthly) ,which introduces progresses of particuology research and the current situation of powder engineering in China.It first issued in 1994 and started publication both at home and abroad in 1999.

The objective of China Powder Science and Technology is to disseminate knowledge of particle's special concepts, properties and phenomena in chemistry engineering, metallurgical and materials engineering, mining and petroleum engineering, applied physics and mechanical engineering, atmospheric science and environmental protection. The focus of the Journal is also on the all powder-processed units, such as pulverizing, classifying, mixing, modifying, granulating, drying, and sintering. The bulk-transportation, storing, dust-explosion, utilization of powders are considered as well as the researches and tests of synthesis, assembly, reactivity and stability of particles and interrelated structures. Realization and application of systems, structure and devices with novel functions obtained from powder or particles are emphasized and encouraged.

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