The University of Jinan advocates an open education, and communicates and cooperates with different countries and districts in an active and all-around way. It has established communicative and cooperative mechanism with many research institutes as well as inter-school cooperation with 50 universities of America, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Congo, Brazil and so on.

The university attaches importance to international communication and cooperation, and the international construction of the teaching staff. In recent years, about one hundred excellent teachers and academic leaders have been sent abroad for cooperative researches, further study and international academic conferences in developed countries such as America, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Britain. The university positively undertakes international academic conferences, and achieves success in ten influential international academic conferences and bilateral peak forums including the first international academic conference about advanced materials, the international academic conference about the design and application of intelligent system in recent years. The university also strengthens the employment of the foreign teachers, and over 300 foreign teachers and scholars from America, Britain, France, Germany  and other countries have been invited to lecture, teach or to conduct research, and among them tens of internationally celebrated scholars were employed as visiting professor or emeritus professor.

The university actively advances two-way abroad study.  As a university receiving abroad students granted to scholarships of Chinese government and provincial government for abroad students and the Confucius Institute, she accepts over 1200 international students from the U.S, South Korea, Indonesia, Ghana, Pakistan, Spanish, Australia, Britain, France and other countries, and sets up a comprehensive and characteristic educational system for overseas students. In 2012, there are over 200 regular international students. The university adheres to the international education idea of going out, and every year sends hundreds of students to foreign prestigious universities for communication, short-term study and practice to cultivate their international horizon and promote their international competitiveness.

The university positively develops education cooperated with foreign countries. In recent years, taking the internalization education as its orientation, the university imports more qualified education resources by cooperating with foreign universities of the U.S, Canada, Australia, South Korea and Britain, and now it has four undergraduate programs cooperated with foreign universities. With the cooperative education, it not only absorbs the advanced curriculum setting, teaching contents and manners of foreign universities and promotes internalization of discipline construction, but also cultivates many creative graduates with good international communicative capacity and competitiveness.

The university attaches importance to the international promotion of Chinese language. In the past several years, the university actively responds to the deployment of the Confucius Institute Headquarter and the provincial Education Department by dispatching teachers and volunteers abroad to teach Chinese in countries like Ethiopia, Thailand, South Korea, and the Republic of Congo. In 2012, the Confucius Institute cooperated by the University of Jinan and a university of the Republic of Congo is approved by the Confucius Institute Headquarter.

With a fresh start, the university will achieve further development in the future. Inspired by the target of building a world-famous university that is comprehensive, open, international and characteristic, the university keeps pioneering and innovating, pursues truth with a practical attitude, communicates and cooperates with foreign universities and institutions in an all-around and multi-level way to improve the university’s international popularity and to advance the development of its teaching and research works.

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